Do You Know How Lighting Affects Your Customers?

Colors seem to have their own personalities, and those personalities affect us. Red is an emotional color and can trigger positive or negative emotions. It’s known to give people a boost of adrenaline and increase their pulse rates while creating a sense of urgency.

Orange is a warm color, while green is relaxing. Blue calms people down, while purple is regal and creates a sense of prestige. White is a clean color that is associated with innocence and purity.

Marketers understand the value of color and choose the right ones for each campaign they run. They know that a simple color change can create results. In fact, a study found that a change in color can lead to a 21 percent increase in conversions.

The Science of Color

If you drive through the commercial district in your city and see lots of commercial Christmas lighting, it’s because the business owners understand the science of color and how it impacts choices. Many of those business owners started their journey of understanding thanks to Stephen Westland. A professor and the leader of the Experience Design research group at the University of Leeds, Westland evaluates the effect of light and human behavior and psychology. His research has shown that our retinas send signals to the visual cortex to create the images that we see. Our retinas also send signals to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for the body’s self-regulation (temperature, sleep, hunger, and sleep rhythms), and that’s important for marketers.

It can be confusing to understand this, so let’s look at some examples.

Have you ever noticed that you wake at the same time every morning? The blue-green spectrum of light the sun emits when it rises is responsible for that. That’s why it’s so hard to sleep during the day and why so many people now have those alarm clocks that mimic the sun rising. This makes it easier for people to wake up in the morning.

When the sun goes down, the blue-green light starts to fade. Have you ever noticed you yawn after the sun goes down? That’s the effect of losing that light.

Natural light isn’t the only light that impacts us. Artificial light has an impact, as well.

Does this sound familiar? You are extremely tired when you go to bed, but you want to play on your smartphone a bit before turning it. You open up your phone, do a little surfing, and put it down. Suddenly, you can’t sleep. That’s because smartphones emit the same blue-green light as the sun. It makes your body wake up, even if it is time for bed.

This is just one example of how light affects us all. Light can affect alertness, impulsivity, mood, and so much more. Further research needs to be done to see the true impact of LED lights, but it is clear that lights and colors can impact experiences.

When you add a flash of color to your business, you can enjoy instant results. Those flashes of light will send information to the hypothalamus and cause people to take action.

The Science of Flashing Lights

Lights and colors become even more impactful when flashing. Think about the last time you were driving and saw the flashing lights of a police car. It likely took everything in your power to continue to look forward and keep driving. You wanted to know where the police car was going and what it was doing, even if it wasn’t pulling you over.

It’s not just police lights, either. When light is flashing, your brain tells you that something important is happening, and you need to know what it is. The idea of not knowing is almost unbearable.

Marketers have realized this and started using flashing lights both online and offline. Flashing lights are used on websites to grab visitors’ attention, and these lights get the most views. The eyes are automatically attracted to the lights.

The same is true for brick-and-mortar businesses. If you have flashing lights on your business, people won’t be able to ignore it. They will have to know what you offer, and many will stop by. Their brains will tell them that your business is important, and they must know more.

When you combine the color with flashing lights, you can influence potential customers. You can use colors to promote the right responses, and by using flashing RGB lights, you will create a sense of urgency. People will need to know what your business has to offer.

The science is clear. Our Christmas lighting services can transform your business. Do you want to:

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