The Working Memory Of A Goldfish

Do you think that goldfish have a hard time paying attention and remembering things? Humans are even worse. If something doesn’t grab their attention, they don’t take it in and soon forget about it. That’s why businesses that don’t have commercial Christmas lighting have such a difficult time attracting customers.

Take the story of John, for instance. John is relaxing in a hotel room when he receives a text letting him know that a package has arrived for him. It’s at the front desk, and John doesn’t want to get up. He writes a note to himself reminding himself to pick it up when he leaves the next morning.

The next morning comes and John prepares for his day. He packs up and walks to the front desk, his reminder note in hand. He will pay for his bill, grab his package, and head out.

Just as John approaches the front desk, he sees a co-worker. The two check out together, chatting the entire time. John and the co-worker exit together, and John places the hotel receipt in one pocket and the reminder to grab his package in the other.

You’ve likely done something similar dozens of times, if not more, and can’t help but wonder why.
Memory experts will tell you that there are three parts to our working memory, which are capacity, duration, and focus. Just like a goldfish, John lost his focus. Losing his focus caused him to forget his package.

How does this translate into the business world? If your customers lose their focus, they will forget to stop at your business. Fortunately, you have the power to bring that focus back so they remember they need to stop in and buy something.

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