The $70 Gallon of Milk

Do you want to increase your revenue by leaps and bounds? If so, you will love this story.

Mary was driving home from work when something grabbed her attention. Her eyes immediately looked over at the colorful lights along the side of the road. The lights were located around the perimeter of a grocery store, and Mary immediately remembered that she needed a gallon of milk. The inviting lights drew her in, so she turned on her signal and pulled into the grocery store lot.

She walked inside and headed to the milk aisle, picking up her $2.50 gallon. She started toward the checkout aisle and, along the way, noticed some other items that she needed. By the time she finally reached the cashier, her arms were bulging with items and she wished she’d grabbed a basket.

The cashier rang her up, and the total came to $70. Mary was happy to get her milk and other items, and the store owner was pleased to make the sale.

Mary had never been to that particular grocery store before, and she wouldn’t have made the first trip had it not been for the perimeter architectural lighting. The store made a new customer that day and also had a nice sale.

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