Imagine Your Building as a Marketing Tool

Is your company maximizing its revenue? Is it reaching its full potential, or are you leaving money on the table? Our Christmas lighting services can help you reach more people and make more money.
Your building is a marketing tool. If it’s plain and boring, it’s sending the wrong message. Dress it up with RGB lighting and witness the transformation.

Remind People of What They Need

How many times have you found yourself in a fog when driving? You take the same routes day after day, and you ignore the businesses located on the left and right of the road. Your customers are the same. They get into their habits, and unless you break them out of those habits, they won’t spend money at your store.

Perimeter holiday lights break people out of that fog. They see the lights from a distance, and the closer they get, the more they want to know what you have to offer. These lights even remind them that they need to shop.

Take Mary, for instance. During a drive home from work, she saw commercial Christmas lighting on a grocery store. That made her notice the grocery store and reminded her that she needed milk. She made a quick trip to the store for a $2.50 gallon of milk and walked out with $70 worth of groceries.

Are your customers finding you? Are you standing out? If not, it’s time to contact our Christmas light installers for an estimate. Call (612) 328-3376 to take the first step in reaching more customers.

Christmas light installers can open up a world of possibilities.

RGB Perimeter Architectural Holiday Light Installers

When Customers Don’t See Your Products, You Lose

People cannot purchase what they cannot see. If you aren’t highlighting your products, you are losing money each time someone enters your store.

Imagine someone walking into your store to get your best-selling product, but they can’t find it. They will leave empty-handed and take their money elsewhere.

You’ll lose, and another business will win.

Now imagine highlighting that product with lights. People won’t be able to look away. They will easily find the product, and you will also grab the interest of those who weren’t even considering making a purchase.

That will make you a winner.

If people can’t find your products, you are not maximizing your sales. You can change that with RGB lighting from our professional Christmas light installers.

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting

RGB Christmas Lighting Services

Commercial RGB Parapet Holiday Lighting

Commercial Parapet Holiday Lighting

A Reason for Every Season

Our Christmas light installers might be the busiest in the months leading up to Christmas, but companies benefit from lights year-round. Check out some of the popular times for holiday lighting.

Draw Customers to Your Business with Architectural Lighting

Halloween Lighting in Hastings, MN

Architectural Holiday Light Installers Can Make Your Vision for a Beautiful Building a Reality

Use custom light displays for events, seasons, holidays, rebranding, promotions and more.

Valentine’s Day

People also reach for their wallets during Valentine’s Day. RGB lighting creates beautiful flashes of color that will draw people (and their wallets) into your business. Your heart will truly swell when you see all the customers you get after installing RGB lights.

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting Conveys the Message You Want to Send

Holiday Lighting Draws in Customers

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Light Installers

LED Perimeter Architectural Holiday Light Installers

St. Patricks’ Day

St. Patrick’s Day can feel like a huge party. With so much going on, a regular brick-and-mortar business can get lost in the shuffle. Imagine adding to the party atmosphere with beautiful 3-D lighting.

LED Perimeter Architectural Holiday Lighting

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Light Installers

Commercial RGB Parapet Christmas Lighting

Led Parapet Christmas Light Installer

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often full of color. The reds, whites, and blues fly through the sky, and many people dress in their favorite patriotic gear. What if your business took part in the festivities with help from our Christmas light installers? You have full control over the lighting scheme with our RGB lights, so you can create a memorable patriotic display that is worthy of this holiday.

RGB Parapet Holiday Light Installers

Professional Light Installation for All Holidays

LED Perimeter Architectural Holiday Light Installers

RGB Holiday Light Installers

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting Conveys the Message You Want to Send

Do You Need Commercial Christmas Lighting?

Are you still on the fence, trying to decide if our Christmas lighting services are right for you? Ask yourself three questions.

1. Do customers notice your business?

You likely get some foot traffic, but do you get enough? If you are unhappy with the number of customers you attract, it’s time to join the lighting revolution.

2. Do customers like your business?

Do people spend money when they shop at your business? Do they talk about it to their friends? Are they loyal customers? If your customer loyalty could use a boost, it’s time to try RGB lights. These lights elicit emotional responses that create happy, loyal customers.

3. Do customers remember your business?

Is your business out of sight, out of mind? Are you just another gas station or grocery store? You need to make a name for yourself, and visual branding can help. Make your business pop with lighting.

Parapet Christmas Light Installers

RGB Perimeter Architectural Christmas Lighting Conveys the Message You Want to Send

Commercial Parapet Holiday Lighting

The Importance of Going with Professional Christmas Light Installers

Our installers understand the science of color and flashing lights. Flashing, colorful lights make businesses more visually appealing. We use specific colors to create the right emotional response. With our help, you can attract and influence customers.

At the same time, we leave our customers with unlimited possibilities. You can change the patterns and colors easily. That allows you to change with the seasons.

Commercial Holiday Lighting Boosts Your Sales

RGB Commercial Holiday Lighting