Commercial Christmas Lighting Installers

Our Christmas lighting services will highlight your business at night and draw the attention of potential customers. Get parapet and perimeter architectural lighting to reach more customers.

Is It Hard For Your Business To Generate Foot Traffic?

Your building doesn’t stand out, so you don’t have a competitive edge. Change that with commercial Christmas lighting. The RGB lighting is bright, flashy, and welcoming, and it will show potential customers that are you open for business. It gets people into the shopping spirit and shows customers that your business truly believes the words “the more the merrier.”

No Christmas Services Vs

Led Christmas Lighting Vs

RGB Holiday Lighting

Our customers rave about our Christmas lighting services. Within days of installation, the report:
  • More foot traffic
  • Intrigued and excited customers
  • Jovial, engaged, and motivated employees

With so many benefits, it’s clear that Christmas lighting is the right choice. Call (612) 328-3376 to get a quote today.

Commercial Christmas Lighting — It’s Not Just for the Holidays

Have you noticed that more and more businesses use RGB lighting all year round? That’s because this lighting continues to benefit businesses well after Christmas is over. Our affordable, RGB LED holiday lighting will give your business a boost, regardless of the month.

As a business owner, it’s your job to draw in customers, and that starts with the eyes. People are built to notice light, motion, color, contrast, and size. If you have color-changing lighting on the parapet of your business, motorists won’t be able to help but notice. They will be instantly drawn to your brick-and-mortar building regardless of the season. Once you draw people in, your sales team will have the opportunity to turn them into customers.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our grocery store customers from this season have already asked to keep the lights up year-round. They are seeing an increase in revenue. Wouldn’t you like the same?

Visual Branding Made Easy

Order Your Parapet or Perimeter Architectural Lighting Today

Did you know there is a limited supply of RGB lighting in the United States? That limited stock is dwindling in our warehouse and the rest of the country. Our orders grow by the year, so if you want to be part of the lighting revolution, contact us for a free quote today.

Call (612) 328-3376 to take the first step in increasing your foot traffic.



2. Meet with a skilled technician to learn about our Christmas lighting services and your options.


4. Receive a professional installation. Our Christmas light installers work quickly, with minimal disruption to you or your customers.


5. Enjoy the benefits of professionally installed Christmas lighting. Your business will stand out and attract new customers once we are finished.

Performance Power Guarantee with Our Christmas Lighting Services

Our customers believe in our Minleon color changing RGB Christmas lights, and so do we. Countless customers have thanked us for the increase in business they experienced after our professional RGB lighting installation, and we are excited to add you to our list. Due to our confidence, we even offer the only performance guarantee in the industry. To take advantage of our guarantee, get a 3-year lease for RGB lighting on the perimeter architectural roofline of your building before Oct. 1. If you are not satisfied with the increase in foot traffic by Christmas, we will provide you with our performance guarantee. You will continue to use our lighting, including the monthly service, for another three months, free of charge. You will not pay a dime. We will remove the lighting and cancel your 3-year lease after St. Patrick’s Day.

Our business is built on trust, and our guarantee solidifies that trust. Contact us today to start your 3-year lease.

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